Norske Knives are hand forged from recycled 1065-1095 high carbon tool steel. Each one is individually designed, forged, hardened, differentially tempered, and rigorously tested for a one-of-a-kind, heirloom quality piece. Permanent and weatherproof, poly-impregnated deerskin wrapped handles allow for true full-tang construction, no-slip grip and extra shock absorption. All blades, handles, sheaths, etc. are fully guaranteed. I will repair or replace (at my discretion) for any reason for a full year from purchase. After that, I'll probably still do it for free.


Every sheath is form-fitted with  saddle-grade leather, unique multi-choice belt strap, and solid copper rivets--no stitching to come undone. Custom handles and sheaths are also available. Take your Norske knife to task in the jungle, on the game trail or around the farm, and still keep it on the mantle as a work of art for years to come.


All items ship free in the lower 48. If it has a price, it is available immediately. For everything else, ask about a custom order. Thank you!


Contact Norske Knives for Ordering and Information


Strength and Durability Test Video



Viking Seax, 9" Blade, 15" overall, SOLD


The Jeremiah Johnson, 5/16" thick, 8.5" blade, 14.5" overall, distal taper, full tapered tang, ambidextrous sheath, $590


Camp Tanto, 8" blade, 13" overall, $380


Antler Splitter, 5.5" blade, 11" overall, whitetail antler handle, solid copper guard and butt, full hidden tang, locking sheath, $310


Boar's Bane, 11" blade, 62" oak shaft with lugs, plus 31" ash shaft, no lugs, $480


The Bush Bowie, 8.5" blade, 14" overall, 3/16 blade thickness, 14 oz., SOLD



Drop Point EDC, 4.5" blade, 9" overall, locking sheath, SOLD


Mountain Bowie, 5" Blade, 10" Overall, SOLD


The Wood Elf, 22" blade with 17" edge, 35" overall, antler and leather grip, subtle hamon line, cherry wood stand, $950


Elvish Long Knife, 9" blade, 15" overall, Locking sheath, $480


Stealth Tanto, 6" blade, 12" overall, $280


The Guppy, 3" blade, 6" overall, cherry burl grip, SOLD



Cowboy Cleaver, 8" blade, 14" overall, $310


Th Huntsman, 4" blade, 9" overall, SOLD


Jungle Chopper, 7" blade, 13" overall, $280


Ozark Fighter, 5.5" blade, 11" overall, $450


Pirate's Companion, 8" blade, 14" overall, SOLD


Classic Cutlass, NFS


The Little Tanto, 4" blade, 8" overall, SOLD


The Bushman Chopper, 8" blade, 14" overall, $310


The Bullshark, 8" blade, 13" overall, $240


Snowshoe Skinner, 5" blade, 8"+ overall, $210


Sheepsfoot Slicer, 4" blade, 8" overall, $180


Traveler's Boon, 5" blade, 9" overall, $210


Patchknife, 4" blade, 8" overall, $180


Everyday Go-to, 5" blade, 9" overall, SOLD


Serpent Lopper, 10" blade, 15" overall, $450


Pioneer Bowie, 7" blade, 13" overall, SOLD


Survival Seax, 7-8" blade, 13" overall, $380








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